b-MOLA鱼仔空气净化器 | what brand of air purifier is good
Sandstorms are messing around? Hey, air purifier helps you "eat the dust".
what brand of air purifier is good
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Sandstorms are messing around? Hey, air purifier helps you “eat the dust”

You are the wind, I am sand, we stick together to the ends of the world…

Remember the romantic love between Shannon and Mengdan in ” Princess of Pearl”?

Can you still be romantic when you are in the wind and sand?

Recently, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other places have suffered sand and dust attacks.

The yellow sand is full of sky, showing the horror of earthy yellow,

Visibility has dropped dramatically, and it turns into dark nights during the day.

Breathing the dust, once opening the mouth emmmm….

Better to wear a mask !

Some netizens ridiculed: “This sandstorm is so bad… Give me a piece of cornfield and I can shoot the beginning of the “Interstellar Crossing”.

Sandstorms refer to strong wind blowing a lot of dust on the ground and getting them into the air.

A phenomenon of severe wind and sand that makes the air particularly turbid, and has a horizontal visibility of less than one kilometer.

With the wind,

Particles suspended in the air, pm10, pm2.5…

Especially fine particles smaller than 2 microns,

Easy to be inhaled deep into the respiratory tract, directly invading the respiratory system,

It is very likely that people who already have respiratory allergic diseases will relapse.

So, what can we do when the dusty weather arrives?

Close the door, close the window!

However, in the case of serious outdoor pollution,

Tiny particles can still be driven straight into the room through small gaps.

In addition, there are hidden dangers in confined spaces.

Because indoor air problems are diverse,

In addition to solid pollutants such as pm2.5 caused by smog and dust,

There are also gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, and other pollutants such as oil smoke, odor, viruses, and mold.

The lack of air circulation can cause these indoor pollutants to remain.

It’s not enough to rely on closing doors and windows to resist pollutants.

It is also necessary to turn on the air purifier for 24 hours.

On the one hand, it can purify the dust particles that are accidentally caught in the room.

On the other hand, it can solve the problem of indoor air pollution.

Remove indoor and outdoor pollutants, what brand of air purifier is good?

Of course, b-MOLA air purifier is the best.