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Knowing these 2 measurement elements of formaldehyde detection, find out the air quality around you
Formaldehyde detector,Formaldehyde air purifier
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Knowing these 2 measurement elements of formaldehyde detection, find out the air quality around you

Due to the frequent outbreak of haze in recent years, indoor formaldehyde causes accidents frequently occur, seriously affecting people’s lives and physical health. People’s understanding of the air quality around them is becoming more and more intense, so household air purifiers and formaldehyde detectors are quite welcome. However, while developing a hot industry, it is accompanied by many industry chaos.

The CCTV channels used to successive exposure detectors not qualified, and the error in detection data was so high that people were in shock. In April 2017, the Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China conducted a risk monitoring, in order to grasp the basic situation of haze doctors (home PM2.5 detector). This risk monitoring took 30 batches of samples, and the price ranged from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. The result is that the indication error of the 30 batch samples does not meet the requirements. In February 2019, the Shanghai market supervision department monitored the risk of formaldehyde detectors for 41 batches of samples, nearly 20 brands. The test results showed that of none of the formaldehyde detectors met the technical requirements.

These kinds of detectors, if the consumer took it back home to detect the air quality of the home’s haze and formaldehyde, the test data would be unreliable and easily misleads the consumer’s judgment. Why the online sales of these detectors so hot and the price is from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, but do you know that the cost of professional formaldehyde detectors is tens of thousands of yuan? Consumers are still know too little about the detectors, and they are also panic and dissatisfaction with the air quality around them.

Most of these unqualified detectors use the Light Scattering Method or sensors made by silicon semiconductor integrated technology integrated sensors, which are easily affected by the outside factors. And the professional formaldehyde detector analysis method is generally pump-suction type. The complexity of air detection is objective. The cost of high-precision testing equipment is very high, consumers must be cautious when choosing a detector.

Does anyone usually notices a problem? The air purifier that worth thousands of yuan has its own formaldehyde data display, which is usually unreliable. Because the cost of professional detectors is tens of thousands of yuan, the formaldehyde detection data of an air purifier with thousands of yuan is not very accurate, besides, the cost of the air purifier is also included.

Although there are still such defects in the civil detectors, we firmly believe that with the advancement of technology, manufacturers continue to optimize product design and strengthen quality control, and the future detectors will certainly be better and better.

There are many factors would affect the accuracy of the detector, including humidity, temperature, air pressure, and wind speed, humidity, and temperature have greater affect. Therefore, when you are using the detector for indoor testing, there are two key elements to be aware of, namely product indication error and indication repeatability. The indication error refers to the error between the formaldehyde detector display value and the actual formaldehyde concentration value, and the indication repeatability is used to indicate the instrument’s ability to reproduce the value in a short time. That means, the more accurate detector is required with smaller the indication error, and better the measurement repeatability.

Nowadays, people are very concerned about air quality, and many families have bought formaldehyde detectors to detect indoor air quality. Users who need to remove gaseous pollutants such as haze, formaldehyde, benzene, odor, etc., generally choose the most advanced technology – b-MOLA air purifier, to remove formaldehyde.