b-MOLA鱼仔空气净化器 | Air purifier for bacteria removal
It is not difficult to remove bacteria, it depends on whether you have chosen the method of sterilization.
Air purifier for bacteria removal
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It is not difficult to remove bacteria, it depends on whether you have chosen the method of sterilization

Some people like summer and say:

In the summer, you can step on the beach with bare feet in the evening.

Holding a coconut juice and walking with the lover hand by hand;

In the summer night, talk to friends in the food stalls,

Beers, barbecue, Procambarus clarkii are needed;

If it’s near the countryside, after the rain,

There is a chance to hear the sound that made by frogs,

Exclamatory saying: Summer is so good!

As a result, when the summer really came, everything has changed,

I only wish to be with the air conditioner~

For the “fake fans” for summer, there’s a sentence for you:

Wherever is cool, stay there!

(Raise hands in silence: me!)

Regarding the “true love” of summer, there is a kind of microorganisms that are ranked in the list.

That’s the bacteria, they like to breed in the summer.

When it comes to bacteria, it is just an ordinary existence in nature.

It is a major player in the biological substance circulation system.

Bacteria are primitive unicellular organism that require a carrier to survive.

Its individual is small and can be seen under the microscope.

It really exists around us.

Give an example of daily life.

If you closed the door and windows before going out in the morning.

When you got home and opened the door, there would be a strange smell.

More sensitive people might sneeze directly,

It’s possible that the bacteria were invading.

In fact, many parts of the human body have bacteria.

Medically called “normal flora”,

They are in an ecologically balanced state with the host, living in peace and mutual benefit.

When people’s resistance declines, germs can cause illness.

Even the flora is dysfunctional, and normal flora can cause infection.

So, on the one hand, bacteria are the cause of many diseases.

On the other hand, bacteria are often used in production and life.

For example, cheese, yogurt and so on.

Let us take a look at the conditions for bacterial reproduction.

Bacteria have their own growth and metabolism systems,

Like human need to “eat”,

Attaching to food can cause food to deteriorate.

They like to be in wet environment, and the growth temperature is concentrated at -7 ° C ~ 90 ° C,

The suitable growth temperature of the pathogen is 20 ° C ~ 40 ° C,

Therefore, the human body temperature is suitable for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, the enzymes necessary for bacterial metabolism,

Suitable for use at pH 7.2 to 7.6.

The pH value in human blood and tissue fluid is 7.2.

It is the pH that most pathogens like.

So that, the human body itself is the greenhouse for bacterial growth.

After inhaling pathogenic bacteria, the human body is prone to infection.

Especially if there are children in the family, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the family.

In order to prevent children from being invaded by bacteria, and bring hidden dangers to health.

The bacteria are small in size, light in weight, and easy to float in the air.

And combined with particles in the air to form a bubble,

Ingesting water and nutrients in airborne suspension,

To achieve sustained survival and development.

Removing bacterial pathogens from the air,

A direct and effective way is to use an air purifier.

As for removing bacteria,

Many air purifiers in the market use HEPA (High Efficiency Filter).

Because it has a strong ability to capture fine particles, it can effectively isolate bacteria.

But HEPA is water-absorbent, when bacteria are trapped on it,

The HEPA filter may become a breeding place for bacteria instead of trapping them.

The b-MOLA air purifier uses the “HEPA + Oxygen Sterilization” method.

Oxygen has a strong bactericidal effect.

When the HEPA filter absorbs the bacteria,

The oxygen generator will evenly emit a small amount of oxygen to the filter.

Producing the enzymes needed to break down the internal oxidation of glucose in bacteria,

Or directly destroy the cell wall of the bacteria,

To destroy the growth and metabolism of bacteria,

Thereby effectively eliminating germs.

Recommending NCCO1701 air purifier.

The sleek and lightweight body is suitable for families with babies.

Don’t worry about your baby bumping into the appliance.

The purification process is with low noise and integrates with the daily environment.

Suitable for purification spaces like bedrooms and study rooms.

Don’t think it’s hard to remove bacteria.

In addition to using b-MOLA air purifier to protect respiratory health,

Also discard the useless things on time, leaving the bacteria nowhere to hide.

Clean up the home regularly.

This is not only creating a comfortable living environment,

But also creating a healthy living space.