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Is it suitable for renovation in summer? Whether the air purifier is "useless" or "can remove formaldehyde"
Haze air purifier
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Is it suitable for renovation in summer? Whether the air purifier is “useless” or “can remove formaldehyde”

The recent temperature is “hot enough to melt”~

In the past two days, affected by the downdraft of the typhoon “Danas”,

Guangdong, Fujian and other places feel like blowing by the air conditioning exterior unit

So hot! ! !

Hot and raining are standards in summer.

In this case, is it suitable for renovation?

Many people will not be renovated in the summer, so it’s the off-peak period of renovation.

But this does not mean that the can not renovate in summer.

On the contrary, renovation in summer has its own unique benefits.

Summer renovation advantages

Low price, good effect and short renovation period

Summer is a off-season for renovation.

Many decoration companies and building material shops have launched promotions.

They also hope to use the off-season to let the workers do their work in a down-to-earth manner.

In order to come up with a high-quality “decoration model room” when the renovation season arrives.

The long sunshine hours in summer can reduce the renovation period relatively.

Easy to distinguish whether the decoration materials are environmentally friendly or not.

Under high temperatures, harmful substances such as formaldehyde will accelerate evaporation.

Some data show that when the temperature is higher than 28 ° C and the humidity is more than 45%,

Formaldehyde will be released in multiples times higher than normal.

Some environmentally friendly building materials can be judged by the nose.

Materials with a strong pungent odor are directly rejected.

Good paint effect and firmer tiles

A common step in the renovation is to “from wet to dry”.

Under high temperature, water evaporates quickly.

In order to ensure that the tiles are fully absorbent, the bricklayer will soak the tiles in advance.

After absorbing enough water, take them out and dry, then carry out secondary immersion.

The tiles that absorb the moisture will be more docile and firmer.

Correspondingly, the paint dries quickly and thoroughly.

Grinding in time, the film is formed well,

It also fundamentally avoids problems such as wall pulverization and foaming.

Each season has advantages and disadvantages.

Summer renovation also has some points to pay special attention to.

Summer decoration precautions

Avoiding fire and moisture and rainy days

Many decoration materials are volatile substances and are prone to fire.

The material is best placed in a cool place.

Make a reasonable division of the working area and material storage area.

The summer in the south is hot and humid, and there’s a large amount of water  in the wooden material.

The evaporation of water during the dry season is likely to cause cracking of wood products.

Therefore, you should choose dry wood when you purchase, moisture and mildew.

Avoiding rainy days

When the air humidity is high,

The solidification speed of cement is slow,

Affect the quality of the .

Try not to do paint work on rainy days.

Pay attention to construction safety

Working under high temperature is very hard,

Give the decoration workers some subsidy for working under high temperature,

Or equipped with some cooling tools, drinking water and mung soup, etc.

They will work harder to create a lovely home for you.

The most troublesome problem after the renovation?

Must be the formaldehyde.

After the renovation of the new house, it is a wise choice to ventilate for a while.

No need to rush to move in, health is the most important thing.

After moving in a new home, having air purifiers are necessary.

Two extremes about the understanding of air purifiers:

Useless, wasting money.

Can completely remove formaldehyde.

The air is something we can’t see or touch.

It’s hard to see obvious results when a purifier is just start being used.

The air purifier is then defaulted to “no use”.

The release of decoration pollution is a slow and long-term process.

In terms of formaldehyde,

Its release period is 3 to 15 years.

Can not be completely eradicated in the short term,

Don’t expect to use a purifier to remove pollution straight away.

Air purifiers exist to improve air quality,

Its purpose is to keep pollutants volume within safe limits.

New home decoration is recommended to use NCCO1702 air purifier.

It adopts NCCO Air Purifier Technology.

Locking pollution gas such as formaldehyde into the nanopore,

It is catalyzed to make the molecular structure of the polluted gas unstable.

Then enter a very small amount of oxygen to react with it.

Decomposing harmful gas into water molecules and carbon dioxide.

Pollution of home decoration is directly decomposed.

If you have just moved in a new house,

It is recommended to operate the purifier for 24 hours.

Prevent formaldehyde concentration from exceeding the standard.

When no one at home,

It is recommended to open the window for ventilation.

Let the harmful substances drift away in time.

Although we are “suffocating” because of the heat,

There is a lot of romance happening.

Whether a little decoration for the living room like replace a new set of sofa,

Or renovated the whole house.

All feel cozy in the summer.

It reveals unspeakable comfort.

B-MOLA air purifier is diligently removes home pollution,

Making you a better new home.