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Common high-risk occupations of air pollution, including yours?
Industrial air purifier
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Common high-risk occupations of air pollution, including yours?

With the arrival of summer, nail salon has become a fashion darling.

Many girls who love beauty will would get their nail done on a regular basis.

High demand, low cost, high income,

The manicurist has become a high-profit occupation.

Nail salon can be found everywhere on the streets.

But at the same time,

It is also a high-risk occupation of indoor pollution.

A while ago, the University of Colorado found that,

The general air quality of nail salon is not meet the standard.

The concentration of formaldehyde and other harmful compounds exceeds safety standards.

If a manicurist is exposed to these chemicals for more than 20 years,

The rate that they have cancer such as leukemia, is 100 times higher than the average person.

People who have done their nails have smelled the pungent smell.

Many chemicals we are familiar with,

Such as acetone, formaldehyde, methyl methacrylate, ether, toluene, etc.

Often used in the manufacture of thickeners, curing agents, glues and polishes,

But it will also be used in the nail products.

Manicurists who need long-term exposure to solvents and inhaled solvent volatilization gas are facing high risk of indoor pollution.

Especially in some small, cheap nail salons,

In order to save costs,

May be use unqualified products,

Nail salon has limited space and poor ventilation.

Harmful substances will accumulate.

Other high-risk occupations of air pollution

Taxi driver

The inside of the car is not ventilated when the window is closed.

Harmful substances that released from the interior of the car are difficult to dissipate.

Taxi drivers also inhale a lot of car exhaust every day.

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, etc. in the exhaust gas are extremely harmful to the human body.

Can cause dizziness, vomiting, hypoxia, eye red throat and other symptoms.

Chemical plant operators

Chemical plants are often filled with the smell of various chemical gas.

The air quality is poor.

Long-term working in this environment,

Workers are prone to symptoms such as conjunctiva hyperemia, nasal mucosa congestion, pharyngeal congestion, and abnormal pulmonary ventilation.

Furniture mall service staff

The furniture mall has limited ventilation.

There are also a variety of furniture stacked.

Among them, formaldehyde and other substances are easily accumulated.

The phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde is very common.

Therefore, furniture mall staffs are prone to have eye and throat irritation.

The probability of having rhinitis, pharyngitis, and conjunctivitis is high.

In fact, there are more occupational groups are having air pollution threats.

Everyone is always dealing with the air,

Therefore, air pollution also exists in all aspects of our lives.

You are not a manicurist, but you may be going to do your nails;

You are not a taxi driver, but you sometimes take a taxi when you are traveling.

You are not a chemical operator, but you will be exposed to chemical products;

You are not a furniture mall staff, but you will go in there and buy furniture…

Blind spot

Unique purification technology

b-MOLA is committed to the treatment of various polluted air problems.

Applying NCCO Air Purification Technology, it is developed by Entrepreneurship Program Members of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

It can decompose the polluted gas and purify the air for people suffering from indoor pollution.

Create a clean and healthy living environment.

Principle of NCCO Air Purification Technology

The NCCO reactor reacts with active oxygen,

Decompose harmful gas into harmless water molecules and carbon dioxide,

Discharging from the reactor, thereby vacating the nano-pore of the filter,

The filter is sustainable, and the air purification is continuously and efficiently completed.

At present, this technology is applied to b-MOLA various air purifiers.

If your house has just been renovated,

If your room is not ventilated for a long time,

If you always smell a kind of odor in the car…

You can pick a b-MOLA air purifier.

Filter pm2.5, allergens and other particles,

Remove harmful gas such as formaldehyde,

Protect your breathing and your health.

From the mini portable purifiers,

To the 2 purifiers that for bedrooms and living rooms,

b-MOLA always guards your health of breathing,

Provide a high quality living environment.