b-MOLA鱼仔空气净化器 | The HEPA filter,Car Purifier
Be careful! This thing in the car may induce cancer such as leukemia
The HEPA filter,Car Purifier
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Be careful! This thing in the car may induce cancer such as leukemia

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the number of people who have cars is increasing day by day, but do you know there is something in the car that is always harmful to your health? It is the stop plate of the car, the asphalt damping sheet. Probably a lot of people don’t know about this thing, so let me explain the role and harm of the damping sheet !

What is the damping sheet?

Drivers should know that, the car body is made of a lot of pieces of steel plate welded. If these steel plates are too large and without any support, the steel plates will vibrate violently and make horrible sound that is uncomfortable to hear. The amplitude of the vibration frequency of each steel plate is different, so the noise emitted will be different. This results in uncomfortable sound during the use of the car, which not only greatly reduces the comfort of the car, but also seriously affects the safety of the driver and passengers, easy to cause traffic accidents.

The damper sheet is a material for reducing vibration inside the vehicle and improving the comfort of the cabin. The function is to use its viscoelastic to damp the vibration generated by the metal plates, and at the same time to affect the natural frequency of the noise that is generated by car’s body. Therefore, the damping sheet on the car is used to reduce the noise that is generated by the vibration of the steel plates of car body, and the damping sheet can also enhance the rigidity and strength of steel plates. Therefore, the damping sheet is the most widely used sound-damping material in the automobile production industry.

Where is the damping sheet?

The damping sheet inside the car is mainly distributed on the metal plate with large internal area and relatively flat shape. In addition to being placed on the body steel plate, it is also installed in the door, ceiling, trunk, seat and other places, it is used a lot. When we disassemble the car seat, the thick layer of black gel is the damping sheet. But the damping sheet with such a large effect is called the biggest pollution source in the car. Why?

Source of pollution

Here is the unacceptable news that, 90% of the automotive damping sheets are made from asphalt. Asphalt is the residue left after refining petroleum, it contains a lot of toxic and harmful substances (benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, etc.), and this harmful substance will slowly evaporate as the vehicle is used, which greatly harms our health. Moreover, the release cycle of these harmful substances is longer than the entire service life of the car. In other words, on the first day of buying a car, it is endangering the health of you and your families.

Therefore, after many cars have been used for a long time, the odor has increased significantly, which has led many people to “refuse to use car”, even many children have suffered from cancer and leukemia. Perhaps many people don’t understand why the asphalt is not environmentally friendly, but why use this to make damping sheets anyway? The reason is simple, that is cheap. For car companies and automobile manufacturer, asphalt is a big profit compared to other environmentally friendly materials, which can save a lot of cost, even the Mercedes-Benz, BMW are using it. 90% of car brands are using asphalt to make damping sheets.

In fact, not only the problem of the damper sheet, after the vehicle is turned off, the endoscopic and plastic varieties of the car will continue to volatilize harmful gas, and bacteria and microorganisms will grow in large quantities, plus inside of the car is not ventilated, so that the air will be polluted as well. After getting back in the car, air pollution is dozens of times more harmful to human body than pollution of furniture.


If you drive a lot, and even children and old people often ride in the car, it is strongly recommended that you can do a good job to reduce the damage of the damper, to avoid physical and psychological damage to your families and yourself. It would take time and money to drive the car to the overhaul factory, remove all the seat frames. Replacing the asphalt damping sheet with a polymer or resin damping sheet to completely solve this problem.

In daily driving, you can choose to open the window; it is recommended that open the window to ventilate when the car is parked, reduce the concentration of pollutants in the car, and let the harmful substances evaporate as soon as possible. People often choose to throw a few activated carbon bags in the car or place a car perfume, to purify the air inside the car. In fact, once the activated carbon reaches saturation (especially after exposure to sunlight), harmful gas will escape, which will cause secondary pollution. More safe and comfortable choice is the car air purifier.

b-MOLA air purifier

Technology: NCCO Air Purification Technology, patented technology developed by members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Harmful gas (formaldehyde, toluene, etc.) can be decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water. It is a sustainable, recyclable process technology.

Continuous: Continuous purification is the real purification. Built-in lithium battery, 8 hours long operation after each full charge, after parking the car, it can still purify the air inside the car, effectively killing the bacteria and viruses, ensuring that every time you use the car, you can breath treated fresh air.

Freedom: Without the limitations of space, whether you are in the car, office, or in any public place, you can carry the “purification” with you and breathe fresh air.

User experience

Ms. J: Children have allergic rhinitis, especially in newly bought cars, which are particularly prone to motion sickness and sneezing. Using a variety of methods, bought a lot of air purifiers have no effect, so that the child refuses to sit in the car. She bought this air purifier through the recommendation by relatives, and she heard that it is called “the best thing for deodorant”. It is really effective for rhinitis, the child said that her mother’s car is not stinky any more, they are really happy.

Mr. C: The appearance is very good. What attracts me the most is that it has built-in lithium battery, because child is always on board , this air purifier is necessary, my child said that the car smells much better after use (the car was just mentioned two months ago). When we get home, let the child go upstairs with the air purifier, and let it provide good air. I feel good when the child feels good, and I plan to buy a big one for my wife.