b-MOLA鱼仔空气净化器 | NCCO1702 air purifier
Air purifier in summer to protect your health , teach you comfortably through the summer!
NCCO1702 air purifier
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Air purifier in summer to protect your health , teach you comfortably through the summer!

In the summer solstice, daytime is the longest, and the night is the shortest.

In the future,

The daytime in the northern hemisphere will slowly shorten.

The summer solstice is the starting point of the summer.

The heat wave is rolling when going out.

The hottest time of the year is about to start.

Many people start to “keep in good health” at a young age.

In other words, everyone is gradually paying attention to physical health.

b-MOLA air purifier,

It’s willing to accompany you to stay on the road of “keep in good health”.

Let’s start go through all levels.

Level 1, sleep well, drive away tiredness.

If you have enough sleep at night, you would still be tired during the day.

It may not be your personal reason, but the weather.

Summer heat can easily cause symptoms of exhaustion.

The recommended approach is:

Sleep late and get up early, have some sleep at noon, and sleep at least seven hours a day.

(Friendly reminder: Sleeping late is not equal to stay up too late!)

Lunch break is essential,

At noon, rest for 30~60 minutes, the mental state in the afternoon will be much better.

In a clean and comfortable environment, you can sleep better.

NCCO1702 air purifier,

While fresh indoor air,

The noise is under control as low as 38 decibels and blends into the natural environment of the office.

Even if you can’t sleep, keep your eyes closed in such an environment.

It also allows the body and mind to relax and the experience is awesome.

Level 2, Keep exercise, stay healthy

The benefits of exercise are endless.

It promotes bone growth, enhances body and improves body shape.

It also helps to eliminate mental stress and avoid the danger of premature entry into aging.

During strenuous exercise, people’s heart beats faster, capillaries will expand, and breath heavily;

When exercising softly, people’s breathing focuses on deep breathing.

Therefore, doing exercise requires fresh and clean air.

NCCO1702 air purifier,

Adopting NCCO Air Purification Technology developed by members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program,

It can thoroughly remove gaseous pollution such as formaldehyde and benzene compounds volatilized from decoration materials and furniture.

At the same time, it is equipped with HEPA filter to effectively filter solid pollution such as pm2.5, pollen and dust mites.

Let the harmful gas and dust particles have no place to hide in the air.

Doing sports to maintain health and respiratory health are equally important,

Exercise in clean air can get better results!

Ps: Summer exercise time is suitable for early morning or early evening.

When the temperature is high, it is suitable for exercise with lower intensity.

Level 3, Mental health, good mentality

When the temperature is high, people are prone to anxiety, irritability, and anger.


Modern medical research results show that

Emotional changes can directly affect a person’s physiological activities.

This is also why people of the same age,

People with a good attitude and less troubles look younger.

Negative, worried people look older.

Keeping your mind calm, open and comfortable, you are more likely to be happy.

For most people, air conditioner brings happiness to them in summer.

In a comfortable and gentle environment, people are easy to calm down.

However, in a confined space, air pollutants are mixed together and the indoor air quality is worrying.

After opening the air conditioner for a period of time, pay attention to ventilation.

Or place a air purifier, open the air conditioning without worrying about anything.

NCCO1702 ,

Large air inlet duct in the back,

The area that exposed to polluted air is large, and more dirty air is inhaled;

The air outlet at the bottom left and upper right position,

Forming a three-dimensional circulation wind, continuously outputting clean air,

Let the indoor air flow.

Level 4, Diet and nutrition

People’s lives require three meals a day.

If you lose your appetite in the summer, you can eat diet and eat bitter fruits and vegetables.

In order to remove the dampness, cool off the heat and promote appetite.

Although most people now have a hood in their kitchen,

But the fume will spread,

Especially the open kitchen,

The fume is easy to flow to other places,

It is unpleasant and it will endanger health.

NCCO1702 air purifier,

Help you to absorb the residual fumes and odors in the house.

With oxygen disinfection layer,

Eliminate bacterial viruses and restore healthy air.

Congratulations for complete above four levels, you are a half expert in maintaining health.