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Air pollution causes obesity? People who "Drinking water will be fat" is crying
Household air purifier,Car Purifier
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Air pollution causes obesity? People who “Drinking water will be fat” is crying

On July 8, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released the national air quality situation in the first half of the year.

Haikou, Lhasa, Shenzhen and other cities have been on the red list.

Linyi, Xingtai, Shijiazhuang and other cities have been on the black list.

Maybe we don’t care about air quality in our daily life.

But you don’t know,

Air pollution can cause obesity.

People who drink water will fat, feel deeply malicious…

A study published in the Journal of the American Association of Experimental Biology, pointed out that,

Air pollution can cause obesity and disrupt the body’s ability to metabolize.

Suddenly want to sing a song:

It is painful that breathing will gain weight.

The researchers placed pregnant mice and their offspring in two rooms.

One group is breathing polluted air,

A group is breathing the air which is filtered the micro particulate pollutants,

Then feed them with the same food.

The result shows that,

The group of mice that breathe polluted air, has gained more weight.

There is a serious inflammatory reaction in lungs.

Total cholesterol is also higher than the other group.

Similar problems have occurred in the offspring of mice.

Eight weeks after birth, the mice in the contaminated group were heavier than the other group.

Article author Junfeng Zhang analyses and concludes that

Air pollution is an important behavior and biological factor leading to obesity.


When air pollution is serious, people are reluctant to exercise.


Contaminants can affect the body’s metabolic capacity.

Polluted particles enter lungs and stimulate inflammation of lungs.

It induces a series of inflammatory reactions.

When adipose tissue shows a higher level of inflammation,

Will allow more fat to deposit in the tissue and increase weight.

This is an excuse for obesity: it is the fault of air pollution!

we all know that,

The main cause of obesity is eating too much and exercising too little.

Exercise is an effective way to lose weight.

But if you exercise in polluted air, it is harmful to your health.

When air pollution becomes a cause of obesity,

Why not contain it in the cradle?

Not only the fat problem, there are a lot of harms caused by air pollution.

Respiratory diseases and eye, nose irritation are more common.

Air pollution in life can be seen everywhere:

Smoking, driving, cooking, spraying…

The polluted air contains a variety of tiny particles.

These particles are extremely small and can stay in the air for a long time.

We inevitably inhale them without our knowledge.

Therefore, indoor pollution problems need to be resolved.

At present, air purifiers is a more effective way to solve indoor pollution problems.


Front static filter,

Filtering tobacco tar, cooking fumes after cooking, etc.

It also takes responsibility for the function of extending the life of the rear filter.



Primary filtration using a high density mesh,

Isolation of large particles such as pet hair and fibers,

Prevent harmful substances from being inhaled into the nose and into the lungs.

HEPA filter,

Also known as high efficiency air filter,

Is the main force to remove pm2.5,

It is a more effective filter medium for smoke, dust and bacteria.

It has characterize that can let the air pass through,

But tiny particles can not pass.

After the above three layers of filtration,

The purification of particulate matter is basically completed.

The b-MOLA air purifier also has a special air handling system:

NCCO Air Purification Technology,

Dedicated to gaseous pollution treatment.

In China, formaldehyde pollution and other home decoration pollution problems have made people worrying.

Ventilation is effective, but it is often not allowed in the case of cold winters or hot summers.

Activated carbon adsorption is also effective, but there is a risk of contaminant saturation overflow.

The Photocatalyst is also effective in removing formaldehyde, but it can do its job only when it’s under strong ultraviolet light.

The release of formaldehyde is a slow and long-term process.

It is impossible to remove it completely at once.

NCCO reactor,

By catalytic oxidation reaction,

Decompose harmful gas such as formaldehyde into water molecules and carbon dioxide.

The nanopore is then vacated to prepare for the next decomposition process.

Therefore, the NCCO reaction layer can treat gaseous pollution such as formaldehyde which is continuously volatilized for a long time.

Is your city making you to gain weight?

Living in an environment with good air quality,

People’s happiness will increase, and the chance of getting fat will decrease.

For good health and quality of life,

Arranging b-MOLA air purifier quickly!