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Air conditioning blows more will get sick? Teach you 10 tips for using air conditioners correctly
The family with b-MOLA air purifier
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Air conditioning blows more will get sick? Teach you 10 tips for using air conditioners correctly

The weather has been hot recently, and I am afraid that I will melt when I step outside. Everyone else is posting the beautiful house and delicious food, but I can only get tan the sun…

In the hot summer, the most frequently used electrical appliance is air conditioner! Air conditioning can offer people cool and comfortable feeling, but many people have a lot of problems caused by air conditioner blowing, especially many children.

The child’s body immunity is much lower than adults’, and the body temperature regulation ability is not perfect, so everyone must learn the following 10 tips to protect themselves and the little ones. This will not cause harm to the body by blowing the air conditioner!

10 tips for proper use of air conditioner

  1. Suitableinstallation

Air conditioning is best installed at height of 1.7 meters. The position slightly higher than the head is optimal. If it installed too high, the cold air could not sink to the lower part of the room, and it would be sucked back by the air conditioner. Installed too low, and it would soon be cool after turning on the air conditioner, but people would feel uncomfortable even in pain.

  1. The air outletis facing up

Generally speaking, the cold air goes down, and the hot air goes up. Therefore, when the air conditioner is blowing cool air, it is better to turn the air conditioner upwards and let the cold air circulate from top to bottom. Be good at using the wind direction to protect your health.

  1. Suitable temperature

No matter how hot you feel and how cool it is to blow the air conditioner, it is most suitable to open the air conditioner at 26 °C every day. It is comfortable and not easy to get sick. When going home from the outside, it is best not to turn the air conditioner temperature down very low, should slowly descend from high to low.

  1. Pay attention to ventilation

The air-conditioned rooms with closed doors and windows will gather a large amount of bacteria, and open the window and ventilate once every 3 hours. If you do not open the window and change the air, the air may not be fresh, if you do not change the air within 6 hours, the air will be seriously polluted and may endanger your health.

If you feel breath is under pressure or getting more cold than usual, lethargy, and slow reaction, it is related to staying in the closed space for too long and insufficient oxygen supply. If you or your family members have allergies or respiratory diseases, it is best to have an air purifier in your air-conditioned room.

  1. Timing function

In the summer night, indoors will be more stuffy, many people like to open the air conditioner overnight, it is very bad for the body. Turn on the air conditioner after dinner, turn it off before going to bed or adjust to breeze or sleep mode, or use a fan to help cool down at night.

  1. Sleep sideways

Woke up in the summer will make your throat feel uncomfortable, especially in air-conditioned rooms. Breathing through the mouth during sleep time, the dust in the air is easy to enter the respiratory tract, and the airflow travels back and forth between mouth and throat. After waking up, it will feel dry in mouth and throat. Change to sideways to avoid excessive discharge of body fluid in mouth and upper respiratory tract.

  1. Water in the house

If people stay in the air-conditioned room for too long, cold air will cause the tears to evaporate too quickly, which will take away the moisture in the skin and respiratory tract, so the skin is dry and the lice are itchy after blowing the air conditioner. Water can be placed at the air outlet of the air conditioner to effectively alleviate these symptoms.

  1. Regular cleaning

The long-term unused air conditioner will accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria inside, and should be thoroughly cleaned before summer. In addition, the air conditioner filter should also be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect the air conditioner refrigeration effect and will be harmful to the human body as well.

  1. Dehumidification function

In the summer hot day, you can change the air conditioning mode from “cooling” to “dehumidifying”, which not only makes the house cool like a refrigerator, but also cost less, and the damage to the human body can be minimized.

  1. Switching sequence

When cooling and ventilating, first open the air conditioner then close the window. Turn on the air conditioner, and then close the door and window after the pollutants in the air conditioner are released, so as to avoid many respiratory diseases. When people came home, they couldn’t turn on the air conditioner immediately, because the pores were completely opened, the body temperature was easy to drop sharply, and the cold and other diseases would be induced.

Air conditioning blows more will get people sick

  1. Pharyngitis

Open air conditioning is easy to cause pharyngitis, air does not circulate, causing viruses and bacteria to make a large number of reproduction and growth, it is easy to induce pharyngitis, fever, coughing, eating difficult to swallow may occur.

  1. Cold

In the cold air environment of the air-conditioned room, the capillaries contract, the sweat gland pores are closed, the resistance is weakened, and the body temperature is difficult to adjust, which will lead to have a cold. In worse case, it will lead to have a fever. Children or people with poor resistance are most likely to have these kinds of symptoms.

  1. Increased blood pressure

The hypertensive patients entry into air-conditioned rooms will have symptom of “cold pressurization”. The symptoms of “cold pressurization” occur very quickly, raising blood pressure by about 20 to 30 mm Hg in one minute. People with high blood pressure should try not to blow air conditioning.

  1. Blood glucose rises

Cold will make the sympathetic nerves in the body excited, while diabetic patients have insufficient insulin secretion, which on the one hand causes blood glucose to rise, and the other side has insufficient cold resistance, so diabetic patients try not to blow air conditioning.

  1. Rheumatism

The outdoor temperature is nearly 40 °C, and enter into a environment of about 20 °C indoors. “Temperature significantly drop” is difficult for the human body to adapt, causing rheumatism to occur, and the joints such as the elbow may be uncomfortable.

  1. Dry eye syndrome

Staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, cold air will cause the tears to evaporate too quickly, and tears will decrease.

  1. Asthma

Air conditioning and cold air in summer will be more likely to induce asthma. There will be some dust in the air conditioner, and asthma will be induced as the air conditioner blows the dust into the air. Asthma is easy to repeat.

  1. Injured lungs

Blowing the air conditioner is easy to catch a cold, and then the lungs are damaged. The air conditioner’s cool air can invade the lungs through the skin and hair of the human body. In addition, it is easy to breed bacteria in air conditioners, which can easily spread into the air, and inhaled into the lungs, causing diseases such as pneumonia.

The cause of air conditioning disease


The biggest culprit causing “air conditioning disease.”

When the air conditioner is cooling air, the humidity in the room is too low, which has an adverse effect on the mucous membrane of the human eye, nose, etc., which will cause a large amount of water loss in the respiratory mucosa, loss of the protective effect, and appear sore throat, hoarseness and nose bleeding and inducing a cold.

  1. Large indoor and outdoordifferencetemperature

When the temperature difference is large, the resistance of the upper respiratory tract is reduced, and due to suddenly stimulated by cold, the human autonomic nervous system is difficult to adapt, resulting in human biological rhythm and autonomic dysfunction. Especially for children, when this happens, it is easy to get sick.

  1. Pollutants

The air-conditioned room is confined and lack of air circulation, without opening the window for a long time, causing air pollution and microorganisms easy to breed. Various viruses, microorganisms, etc. will spread in the dust of the air, diffuse in the room, and easily cause infection, induce air-conditioning disease.

And in the air-conditioned ultra-clean room, the number of negative ions are almost equal to zero. In the absence of negative ions, people can feel that the air is “not fresh”, and feel chest tightness, palpitation, dizziness, weakness, and work efficiency and health states are significantly reduced.

Air-conditioned rooms are more dangerous, purifiers can provide protection

Air conditioning is good, it will bring you some small health hazards. As mentioned above, there are a large number of bacterial and other pollutants in the air-conditioned interior and air-conditioned rooms, which pose a great threat to health, people with poor resistance are most likely to get sick, and the dust makes asthma easy to repeat. Only ventilation does not solve the problem of pollutants at all, at this time, an air purifier is needed.

NCCO Air Purification Technology, to provide the most professional health protection for each family, to protect your breathing environment. Pollutants in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and various dust, bacteria, can be effectively captured and decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water to avoid secondary pollution.

The family with b-MOLA air purifier is no longer afraid of air pollution, as long as you know the above knowledge, the air conditioner can be used safely ~

In the hot summer, air conditioning is essential, so correctly use air conditioner is especially important. Don’t be tempted to enjoy the cool air for a moment, and let the air conditioner keep running.